Julep is a platform for developing stateful and functional LLM-powered applications.

Why Julep?

We've built a lot of AI apps and understand how difficult it is to evaluate hundreds of tools, techniques, and models, and then make them work well together.

The Problems

  1. The barrier to making LLM apps with memory, knowledge & tools is too high.

  2. Agentic behavior is hard to control when done through multi-agent frameworks.


  • Statefulness By Design: Manages context by default. Uses CozoDB to save & retrieve conversation history, OpenAPI specification tools & documents.

  • Support for Users & Agents: Allows creating different user <--> agent interactions like One Agent <-> Many Users; etc. Read more: Introduction

  • Use and switch between any LLMs anytime: Switch and use different LLMs, providers, and models, self-hosted or otherwise.

  • 90+ tools built-in: Connect your AI app to 150+ third-party applications using Composio natively.

  • Production-ready: Julep comes ready to be deployed to production using Docker Compose. Support for k8s coming soon!

  • GitHub Actions-like workflows for tasks: Define agentic workflows to be executed asynchronously with one or more without worrying about timeouts or multiplying hallucinations. (coming soon!)

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